Il territorio

The territory is characterised by a rich and varied landscape, consisting of green hills surrounded by scented Mediterranean vegetation, hills covered with olive groves and vineyards, dotted with fortified villages, halfway between the sea on one side and the Apuan Alps on the other.

It is a territory that offers a diverse range of places to discover, starting with the ruins of Luni, the “Splendida Civitas” , which are only a few hundred metres from our winery and can easily be reached on foot by following the perimeter of our property.

If the historical boundaries of Lunigiana derive from Luni and its Medieval Diocese, since the 13th century the most important place of the lower Val di Magra has undoubtedly been Sarzana. It is the central point of the Val di Magra, a flourishing and developed municipality, heir to the historical and political tradition of Luni.

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The territory is also characterised of course by the sea: the  Gulf of La Spezia (also known as the Gulf of poets), a wide bay on the Ligurian coast is revealed in all its beauty, embracing the blue sea between two headlands. With its beaches, rugged coastline, ancient villages and wildlife, it is hardly surprising that this land has been loved by poets and writers such as Byron, Shelley, Montale and Petrarch.

In this area, between the green hills and crystal clear water stand the ancient villages of Tellaro, Fezzano, San Terenzo, Le Grazie, and the islands of Palmaria, Tinetto and Tino: these are fabulous sites of historical Lunigiana, all rich in customs, traditions, gastronomy. It is a unique territory offering art, culture, history, landscapes, sea and hills: all this can also found in the wines from the Cantine Federici of the Baia del Sole Winery.