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In order to allow a more accurate selection of the grapes, the grape harvest is rigorously carried out by hand, and all the cellar management processes are followed with an almost obsessive attention from the owners: from when the grapes are brought into the cellar during the vinification, to bottling and the subsequent aging where the bottles are buried underground and protected by thick stone walls. There are also spaces dedicated to receiving and welcoming visitors; at the Cantine Federici - Baia del Sole, in Ortonovo (SP), there is an exhibition area dedicated to the promotion of and sale of typical local products, there is also a large tasting room.

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The productive structure of Baia del Sole is at the cutting edge of its field: the winemaking area is equipped with the latest technology, and the modern isobaric bottling ensures the utmost care in packaging. The new winery which covers 1600 square meters was inaugurated in 2015 and is structured to blend in with the surrounding landscape: it has been designed and built according to the principles of bio-architecture. This winery which complements the other three existing historic structures, represents the wish to reduce environmental impact and maximise energy savings.The architectural features, at the cost of a great economic effort, function to ensure an environment ideal for wine production whilst respecting the environment. For this reason, the structure, despite being only a few hundred meters from the sea, was conceived almost entirely underground, and has adopted strategies and bioclimatic solutions.

The unique and particular choice to build below sea level, aims to harness the natural stability of temperature and humidity guaranteed by the constant presence of the underground aquifer. The underground level houses air-conditioned rooms, used as the barrel room which is the heart of the winery. The area is equipped with barrique and tonneau barrels to allow the wines to rest and mature. The technological solutions used in the wine cellar ensure total control over every stage of production. Solar panels, natural cooling systems, shielded electrical systems, and the use of wood, stone and brick facings are just some of the tricks used to make the structure environmentally friendly and well integrated in an area of great environmental and archaeological sensitivity.