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The vineyards exude a strong wine producing vocation that covers all of the DOC Colli di Luni region, where the land is rich in structure and of a good texture. This is true even in the Magra river valley where the proximity to the sea ensures a soil with a clay, silt and sand mix. In addition to their own numerous vineyards, there are also valuable collaborations that tie the Federici family to about 70 local vintners. These vintners maintain those farming traditions that focus on the promotion of the indigenous grape varieties and on maintaining those little parcels of land so well suited to viticulture. Different morphologies of land surrounded by beautiful mediterranean vegetation, great exposure to the sun, the range of temperatures, the ongoing ventilation, the proximity of the sea and the unique microclimate which characterises the eastern Liguria region, all create the best prerequisites for high quality wine production and guarantee wines of a remarkable sensory and olfactory complexity.

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A deep respect for the environment is one of the fundamental principles shared by Giulio and all of the Federici family. In our vineyards we don’t use weed killers to prevent infestation, we intervene with specific procedures using a methodology of integrated pest control. We use natural farming solutions aimed at respecting and appreciating all the positive factors of the agro-ecosystem, such as the monitoring and encouraging of "auxiliary" insects on the land (for this purpose, we maintain appropriate green areas near the land which these insects make their habitat). The desire to grow by improving, together with an ever increasing demand for high quality local products destined for the Italian and foreign markets means that annually, the company invests large amounts in planting new vineyards and also in the enhancement of those existing historical vineyards. To produce wines whilst respecting our land means first and foremost focusing on the quality of life and on the rediscovery of fundamental values such as authenticity, sincerity and tradition. To leave a legacy to future generations of healthy lands on which to continue producing excellent wines and products is what we care about most.